Shempy and Marlena Take a Ride

Shempy and Marlena were excited because it was Sunday and they were going for a car ride.  They were really happy today because they were going to visit Pinball the terrier and Jenkins the cat. Pinball and Jenkins were waiting at the door when they arrived.  Dana and her friend John went outside to the patio to drink lemonade.  The dogs went outside with them but Jenkins stayed inside where it was air conditioned.


Shempy and Marlena Visit Aunt Mary

Dana was going out of town for two weeks and brought her dogs Shempy and Marlena to her Aunt Mary to stay for a visit.  Dana had such happy memories from her childhood because of Aunt Mary.  They would have tea parties together with special dishes and cups.  Aunt Mary was alone now and loved when Shempy and Marlena would stay with her.  She played classical music and would watch TV with the dogs.  Every day at 2:00 pm the pair would go to the kitchen where Aunt Mary gave them a treat made from ingredients healthy for dogs.  When Dana came to bring Shempy and Marlena home, Aunt Mary held back her tears.


Godzilla and Me

Back in the old days there were only five TV channels. There were the three big networks, a local station, something called UHF and the Public Broadcasting System. UHF featured reruns of old shows and movies and so did the local station. We kids at the time watched cartoons on Saturday morning and old movies in the afternoon. Some of the movies featured were Godzilla that were made in Japan in the nineteen fifties. During the summer here there is a garage sale on every neighborhood block and that is where I found Tawny. She is a three foot tall dinosaur that reminds me of the movies of my childhood. If you press her hand, she goes EEEEEE! EEEEEEE!