Aphrodite and Fred Meet Shane the Kitten

Bonnie’s friend Dina was worried about her orange tabby kitten named Shane. Shane never appeared except when it was dinner time. Otherwise, he always hid. Dina wanted a cat that was friendlier and didn’t know what to do about Shane. Bonnie offered to give Shane a home and Dina happily brought him over. But as soon as the carrier door was opened, Shane bolted to a hiding place. Aphrodite and Fred wanted to be friends with Shane, but he would always hide around the house. He would only appear for Bonnie and scat as soon as someone else was present. One day the two dogs heard Shane meowing and meowing. He was hidden under a chair and got stuck. Aphrodite and Fred found Bonnie and brought her to the trapped kitty. Bonnie lifted the chair and Shane ran away at warp speed.


The Return of Aphrodite and Fred

Aphrodite and Fred are sister and brother dogs who have a lot of love to give. They live in a big house with two people named Bonnie and Steve. A best friend of Bonnie was getting married and the ceremony and reception were at Bonnie and Steve’s house. A beautiful wedding cake was in a high place and too hard for Aphrodite and Fred to get close to. A caterer was milling around to make sure all was in order until she heard a scream from the room where the ceremony was taking place. Wanting to help, the caterer ran to the other room to find that a bridesmaid had fainted. That is when Aphrodite and Fred saw Ellsbeth the cat climb toward the top of the wedding cake and eat all the roses made of butter cream. It was the long stretch to reach the cake that caused Ellsbeth to slip and plunge tail first into the towering masterpiece. The cake’s tiramisu layers were held together with pillars of cannoli, all of which squished under Ellsbeth’s weight. Her head peaked out from the blob of demolished wedding cake goo as the caterer rushed back to the scene. Ellsbeth jumped off the mushy mountain and ran off as the caterer let out a sigh and fainted onto a couch. Bonnie and Steve were upset with Aphrodite and Fred until they found the tiny bride and groom cake topper made of jelly beans on top of Ellsbeth’s head. The revived caterer rushed to a local grocery store and bought some layer cakes off the shelf.