The Return of Shane the Cat

Bonnie was worried because she had not seen Shane the cat all week. His pal Lorelei the poodle had gone to stay with her lonely friend Chester the parrot for a month. The hermit cat loved Bonnie, but even she had not seen him. She knew Shane was okay because food disappeared from his bowl. Bonnie and Steve did a thorough search of the house but could not find the reclusive kitty. They looked under the paisley couch, inside the kitchen cabinets, in the guest room closet. Everywhere!
On Christmas Eve, Steve placed carefully wrapped presents under the tree. The next morning, Bonnie, Steve, dogs Aphrodite and Fred had a big surprise. The presents were a torn, jumbled up mess and in the middle of it all was Shane the cat. Bonnie and Steve were so happy to see Shane that they overlooked the already opened presents. Aphrodite and Fred barked because they wanted the new chew toys given to then every Christmas.


Pendergast the Puppy (part 2)

Bonnie knew an elderly neighbor named Lorraine who loved dogs. Her last dog Tamara, a German Shepherd, had died a year before. Lorraine missed Tamara very much. She was very lonely and always enjoyed visits with Aphrodite and Fred. Lorraine became good friends with Pen and asked if she could adopt the puppy. They had become very attached to him but allowed Pen to stay with Lorraine for a week. Pen liked his new home with Lorraine very much and did not want to leave. Bonnie cried but was happy Lorraine was not alone anymore.


Pendergast the Puppy

Aphrodite and Fred kept barking near a window in the back of the house which overlooked a shed in the yard. There was a snowstorm swirling and visibility was bad. It wasn’t like the dogs to bark that much, so Steve went to investigate despite the bad weather. When he came back in, Steve was gently holding a shivering and snow covered puppy. Bonnie took care of the orphan and named him Pendergast because the puppy reminded her of a dog that an old boss named Pendergast loved. The name became shortened to Pen. Lorelei the poodle was jealous at first but got over it because her main buddy was Shane the cat. Aphrodite and Fred liked their new pal except when he ate the food out of their bowls. A trip to the vet showed Pen to be in pretty good shape despite everything.


Chester the Parrot and Lorelei

Bonnie’s friend Belinda had to go out of town on business for a month and did not want to leave her parrot Chester alone. Chester was already depressed and sad because he spent so much time by himself. Belinda tried to introduce another parrot to Chester but it did not work out because he became angry and jealous. But the sullen bird really perked up when his dog friends Aphrodite and Fred and Lorelei visited. He especially liked Lorelei and didn’t mind that she barked a lot. When Belinda went out of town, her brother Josh stayed in the house to keep an eye on things. Lorelei stayed there too and was Josh and Chester’s constant pal. Even when Belinda returned from her travels, Lorelei visited at least once a week to be with her parrot pal.


Shane the Cat and Lorelei the Poodle

Lorelei the poodle could always find where Shane the cat was hiding. He would only appear when Bonnie was present and would quickly disappear as soon as Aphrodite and Fred came on the scene. But Lorelei always seemed to know where the hidden cat was. She would pretty much leave him alone and play with her two dog pals, but at night would find Shane and sleep near his hiding spot. In the morning, Bonnie would find Shane and Lorelei sleeping soundly near each other. He would come out if his secret hiding place overnight and plop himself near Lorelei. As soon as Lorelei woke up though, Shane would run away at the speed of light.
Bonnie would scold Lorelei when she jumped up on the couch but Lorelei never listened and jumped up anyway. One day, Lorelei did not jump high enough and fell to the floor, injuring her leg. Lorelei’s leg was treated by the vet and the poodle was sent home. The next day was Sunday or “The dogs go for a ride to Aunt Emma’s house” day. Bonnie took Aphrodite and Fred to her Aunt’s house and her nephew Jeremy came over to stay with Lorelei. Jeremy was a nice kid, but spent most of his time texting, watching TV and raiding the refrigerator for snacks. Once in awhile, he would look over at Lorelei to make sure she was okay. Lorelei was sad because she couldn’t got to Aunt Emma’s and started crying softly. After a few minutes, Shane the cat appeared and sat next to her. When Jeremy did a periodic check, he was surprised to see Shane because he didn’t know that Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Steve had a cat. Shane ran away when he saw Jeremy but returned. After awhile, the teenager became very bored and fell asleep while watching TV reruns. When Bonnie came home from Aunt Emma’s house, she found Jeremy snoring on the couch and Shane and Lorelei together on a comfortable pillow.