Shane Meets Sherry

Shane the reclusive tabby cat was upset because his friend Lorelei the poodle was now living at Chester the parrot’s house. Chester would become too depressed without Lorelei being around. But now it was Shane who was sad. There would be Shane sightings at the spots where Lorelei always was.
Steve’s Aunt Mattie passed away and her cat Sherry was homeless. She came to live with Bonnie and Steve. Sherry had lived with Aunt Mattie since she was a kitten and had never seen dogs. The lovely cat didn’t know what to make of Aphrodite and Fred at first, but they became quick friends. Shane would not greet Sherry and hid more than ever. One day when Bonnie took Sherry to the veterinarian, Shane ran to the front window and waited as if looking for someone. The tabby cat was very happy to see Sherry when she returned later with Bonnie. From that day on, Shane and Sherry were always together.


The Return of Shane the Cat

Bonnie was worried because she had not seen Shane the cat all week. His pal Lorelei the poodle had gone to stay with her lonely friend Chester the parrot for a month. The hermit cat loved Bonnie, but even she had not seen him. She knew Shane was okay because food disappeared from his bowl. Bonnie and Steve did a thorough search of the house but could not find the reclusive kitty. They looked under the paisley couch, inside the kitchen cabinets, in the guest room closet. Everywhere!
On Christmas Eve, Steve placed carefully wrapped presents under the tree. The next morning, Bonnie, Steve, dogs Aphrodite and Fred had a big surprise. The presents were a torn, jumbled up mess and in the middle of it all was Shane the cat. Bonnie and Steve were so happy to see Shane that they overlooked the already opened presents. Aphrodite and Fred barked because they wanted the new chew toys given to then every Christmas.