Dave and Tag Save the Day

Tag was a cat who loved company.  Tag loved to tag along, but no one really wanted him.  Carlene felt bad for Tag and rescued him from a shelter.  She also felt sad for a nervous poodle named Claudette who was isolated because she barked too much.  Tag and Claudette followed Carlene everywhere around the house but She didn’t mind.  Tag tried to introduce himself to Jim the cat.  Jim liked to sit by the window and sleep and found Tag annoying, hissing the hapless cat away.  But Dave the curious cat welcomed a sometimes sidekick for his adventures.  

One day Carlene was boiling some soup and unfortunately left it unattended on the stove in order to take a phone call.  Claudette followed Carlene into another room while Dave and Tag noticed that the soup was beginning to boil over.  The cat pair found Carlene and Claudette and would not stop meowing.  Claudette joined the chorus and started barking and barking.  Exasperated and still on the phone, Carlene chased them into the kitchen where she found the boiling brew before it became a real mess.