Dave and Tag Save the Day

Tag was a cat who loved company.  Tag loved to tag along, but no one really wanted him.  Carlene felt bad for Tag and rescued him from a shelter.  She also felt sad for a nervous poodle named Claudette who was isolated because she barked too much.  Tag and Claudette followed Carlene everywhere around the house but She didn’t mind.  Tag tried to introduce himself to Jim the cat.  Jim liked to sit by the window and sleep and found Tag annoying, hissing the hapless cat away.  But Dave the curious cat welcomed a sometimes sidekick for his adventures.  

One day Carlene was boiling some soup and unfortunately left it unattended on the stove in order to take a phone call.  Claudette followed Carlene into another room while Dave and Tag noticed that the soup was beginning to boil over.  The cat pair found Carlene and Claudette and would not stop meowing.  Claudette joined the chorus and started barking and barking.  Exasperated and still on the phone, Carlene chased them into the kitchen where she found the boiling brew before it became a real mess.  


Jim & Dave & Darby the Turtle

Jim and Dave were brother cats.  Jim was an orange tabby and Dave a brown tabby.  Jim was coming content sitting on the windowsill watching the world go by and Dave was very curious and noticed everything.  The house owner’s name was Carlene and her favorite was a turtle named Darby.  The lucky turtle lived in a luxurious terrarium.  You could see Darby sitting with a stoic look on his face in the morning and return hours later to see that he had not budged even a half millimeter in all that time.  Dave made the mistake of jumping on the terrarium, almost knocking it over.  Punishment was no cat treats for a month, which was sad because the cat treats were pretty good.

Carlene was trying to clear the clutter and had a stack of boxes piled up in a large hall closet.  Dave slipped in one day and climbed to the top of the teetering stack which tilted over instantly.  The curious cat went flying right into a waste paper basket, getting stuck.  Dave kept meowing until Carlene came to the rescue, gasping at the toppled mess.  Jim was still sleeping by the windowsill and was annoyed that the racket woke up.  Darby was as motionless as ever.  Dave said goodbye to cat treats for awhile.


One-eyed Eddy the Pirate Bulldog 

One-eyed Eddy was a bulldog who saved the life of pirate captain David Summs of the ship Good Fortune.  Hooligans tried to rob the old scoundrel when he was on shore leave until Eddy stepped in growling and barking.  The fierce dog drove the ruffians away.  After that, Eddy and the captain were constant companions.  Captain Summ’s crew liked the bossy dog who walked around the deck barking orders.  The only one on the ship who seemed underwhelmed about Eddy was Clackers the parrot because the canine ate some of his food.  Three of the men decided to play a joke on Clackers.  They snuck up behind the cantankerous bird and jumped forward making scary faces.  Captain Summs didn’t appreciate seeing the frightened bird who wouldn’t stop squawking and flapping his wings.  When He tried to punish the mischief makers, Eddy came to their aid, whimpering for mercy.  Softened by his sorrowful dog, Captain Simms pardoned the repentant practical jokesters.  The Captain did make them clean up after Clackers for a month, not a fun job.